10/7/12 Training

Training Run Summary
Distance:  8 miles
Time:  1:02:16
Pace:  7:47/mile
Weekly Total Miles:  27.89

Yesterday’s training was an easy eight miles as the last long run before my next marathon.  It was also my first outdoor run in quite sometime.  The weather was great (slight wind and temperatures in the mid-50s), so it was difficult to pass up the opportunity to run outside again.  The run felt very good, I didn’t have to push to keep the pace near 7:45/mile.

Although the pace was not at race pace, I used the run to mentally cover how to run next week’s race.  For most of the run, I used a different setting on how watch which only displays the data for the current mile.  I found this setting helped me focus just on that mile.  I plan to use this setting during the race.  I don’t remember any clocks at the mile markers in last year’s marathon, so my watch will be valuable to help monitor how the race is progressing.

My heel did well.  I was a bit nervous how it would feel running up hills.  Luckily, the run didn’t contain any steep hills and I adjusted the pace as I ran the hills to ensure I didn’t strain my heel again.  The good news is the Prairie Fire Marathon course is a relatively flat course.  I don’t remember any steep challenging hills in last year’s course.

As I enter the last week before the marathon, the focus continues to shift from running higher miles to nutrition, fluids, and rest.  The culmination of this training session keeps me motivated and confident I can reach my goal.


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