10/8/12 Training

Training Run Summary
Distance:  3.0 miles
Time:  23:43
Pace:  7:54/mile

Today’s run was an easy three miles after yesterday’s longer run.  Much like many of my recent training runs, not much thought going through the old brain during the run other than focusing on form and feeling.

After the run; however, we went shopping which added some food for thought.  We went to a department store and automatically I headed to get a shopping cart.  Renee questioned if we really needed it, stating my habit of getting a cart was similar to my mom’s tendency to always get a cart, no matter how short the shopping list.  As we shopped, our items began to grow and we eventually needed a cart.  I should have trusted my first instinct!

We went to several other stores before we ended up at the last store in which we looked at outdoor rockers for our front porch.  Looking at them, it reminded both of us so much of Mom.  She so enjoyed sitting out on our front porch.  Those two memories of Mom brought back so many other memories.  She was represented so many great qualities and characteristics that I hope my life some day reflects.  I hope those memories and lessons she taught me will help me persevere the last difficult miles of Sunday’s marathon.


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