T Minus One Day and Counting

Logan and I arrived in Wichita last evening. Logan had a half day of school and I left work early so we could avoid rush hour traffic. Leaving early from work felt like getting released early from high school for a cross country or track meet. The only thing missing was wearing a uniform covered by sweats. Even in my books, that would have been taking it a little too far!

We had a good time with my family and was even able to sneak in a high school football game in Rose Hill in between watching the disappointing Orioles and Nationals baseball games. I was hoping for a BWI World Series.

I had a great night’s rest and I’m looking forward to enjoying the last 24 hours before the race. I plan to meet up with a few running friends from my office later today at the health expo for the Prairie Fire Marathon. Otherwise, I’ll try to sneak in a few easy miles and continue concentrating on staying hydrated and carb loading.

The weather here is cool and rainy. Forecasts show the rain moving out later today, so I’m hoping for dry but cool weather tomorrow. Temperatures should be around 54 at the start of the race and climb to near 70 by noon.


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