11/23/12 Training

Location: Hays, KS
Distance: 5.0 miles
Time: 40:49
Pace: 8:10/mile

It was nice to be back in Hays and running on the roads again. I forgot my running watch, so I had to drive the course after the run to estimate the distance.

Running in my hometown always brings back so many memories. Today’s run reminded me of the many blessings for which I’m so very thankful. It was a nice fit for the holiday. Family, friends, and health were just a few of the blessings.

Today’s route took me from 44th Street to Hall Street to 27th Street past Felten Middle School (or Hays Middle School to be current) back to 44th Street. Much of the route covered our old middle school route which brought back so many memories. I took a little time during the run to take a few quick pictures of the school including the track.

In the theme of being thankful, my wife’s uncle was generous enough to loan me his entire library of running books and magazines. It is an extensive collection that I can’t wait to start digging into. The books have served him well by finishing 42 marathons. I can only hope they serve me half as well! Be sure to be looking for my resulting reviews.

Below are my photos from the run:




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