11/27/12 Training

Training Run Summary
Distance:  3 miles
Time:  24:50
Pace:  8:17/mile
Mile 1:  8:35
Mile 2:  8:16
Mile 3:  7:59

This evening’s treadmill run felt better than I expected.  I intentionally kept the pace slower as most of my body was pretty sore after Sunday’s run.  Taking yesterday off seemed to relieve most of the soreness.  Not wanting to end up in the same boat again, I hope to concentrate more on mileage this week instead of pace.

I’m still struggling a little with getting back into a running routine, as evidenced by last week’s sporadic runs.  I hope 3-4 mile runs each day with Mondays and Fridays as rest days will add the consistency I need at this point.  I’m hopeful this will be easy enough for my body to ease back into running while still feeling like I’m actually accomplishing something mentally.



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