12/2/12 Training

Training Run Summary
Distance:  4.01 miles
Time:  28:42
Pace:  7:09/mile
Mile 1:  7:41
Mile 2:  7:14
Mile 3:  7:04
Mile 4:  6:41

Weekly Mileage:  15
2012 Mileage:  1,495.83

I was able to get out today and enjoy the great weather.  I started my afternoon run with bright skies and temperatures in the mid-60s.  Great running weather any time, not to mention the beginning of December!

I followed an abbreviated version of my run through the neighborhood today.  I tried to focus on keeping loose and within my natural rhythm.  Once I settled into the run, I then switched my focus to ensuring negative splits on each subsequent mile.  I was pleased I as able to do this as most of my runs have been on the treadmill which never offers the challenge of having to control the pace yourself.  Also, I was extremely pleased with the last mile being well under seven minutes, especially in light of the reduced training I have performed recently. 

In addition to the run, I also played a little football with the kids just prior to my run.  I think it really helped loosen up.  I spent most of my Sunday working on our exercise room.  It is the last unfinished room resulting from our basement flood back at the beginning of September.  Instead of placing carpet in the room again, we decided to install ceramic tile instead.  Today was spent removing the last remainders of carpet, carpet pad, and tack strips as well as mounting a flat screen TV and painting the room.  We hope to have the room completely finished before too long.


12/1/12 Training

Training Run Summary
Distance:  3 miles
Time:  24:42
Pace:  8:14/mile
Mile 1:  8:28
Mile 2:  8:20
Mile 3:  7:54

This workout was a late night run on the treadmill.  I was able to enjoy the new flat screen TV I mounted this evening in the exercise room.  Of course, the TV blotted out all hopes of any meaningful thoughts.  I hope to get out for tomorrow’s run to enjoy the great weather.

In addition to tonight’s run, I also played soccer and football with the kids in the afternoon.  It was good exercise and didn’t take long to work up a sweat.

11/29/12 Training

Training Run Summary
Distance:  2 miles
Time:  15:43
Pace:  7:52/mile
Mile 1:  8:10
Mile 2:  7:23

Thursday morning’s run was a treadmill workout.  It was short and quick.  It felt good to get the last weekday run finished early.  Friday is a rest day and then the weekend will focus on additional mileage.