11/23/12 Training

Location: Hays, KS
Distance: 5.0 miles
Time: 40:49
Pace: 8:10/mile

It was nice to be back in Hays and running on the roads again. I forgot my running watch, so I had to drive the course after the run to estimate the distance.

Running in my hometown always brings back so many memories. Today’s run reminded me of the many blessings for which I’m so very thankful. It was a nice fit for the holiday. Family, friends, and health were just a few of the blessings.

Today’s route took me from 44th Street to Hall Street to 27th Street past Felten Middle School (or Hays Middle School to be current) back to 44th Street. Much of the route covered our old middle school route which brought back so many memories. I took a little time during the run to take a few quick pictures of the school including the track.

In the theme of being thankful, my wife’s uncle was generous enough to loan me his entire library of running books and magazines. It is an extensive collection that I can’t wait to start digging into. The books have served him well by finishing 42 marathons. I can only hope they serve me half as well! Be sure to be looking for my resulting reviews.

Below are my photos from the run:




11/18/12 Training

Training Run Summary
Distance:  4.25 miles
Time:  37:19
Pace:  8:47/mile
Mile 1:  9:00
Mile 2:  8:50
Mile 3:  8:43
Mile 4:  8:35
Weekly Mileage:  13.25
2012 Mileage:  1,469.72

Despite yesterday’s inspiring outdoor run, I took the easy way out and opted for the treadmill this morning.  I wanted to get a nice run in before church and not have to worry about the right layers of clothing based on the temperature outside.

The run was at an easy pace, not concerned about pace beyond ensuring negative splits on each subsequent mile.  This is about the distance I would like to run three to four times each week to maintain some sense of cardiovascular shape.

Perhaps before long I will start seriously looking at potential next marathons.  In the back of my mind, the Olathe Marathon in April sticks with me because of the timing and convenience of being located so close.  Plus, I also like the training schedules of spring and fall marathons.

11/17/12 Training

Training Run Summary
Distance:  3.25 miles
Time:  26:27
Pace:  8:08/mile
Mile 1:  8:28
Mile 2:  8:09
Mile 3:  7:52

It felt great to get back on the roads again this morning.  The temperature was about 40 and it was a great, crisp morning for a reinvigorating run.  I must admit that I feel a little lost at this point without a plan, but feel that this might lead to running for the enjoyment instead of always being tied to a training plan and scheduled workouts.

The run itself was a simple loop around the neighborhood.  It was a pretty nondescript run with the exception of spotting a few beautiful blue jays.

11/16/12 Training

Training Run Summary
Distance:  2.5 miles
Time:  20:04
Pace:  8:02/mile

I was happy to sneak in a quick run tonight on the treadmill.  I’m hoping that I can get an early morning run in tomorrow before the day gets too hectic with the kids’ activities.  I’ve used this week to try to ease back into running.  It has felt good to get back into a regular routine, even if the mileage is greatly diminished.

11/15/12 Training

Training Run Summary
Distance:  2.0 miles
Time:  15:57
Pace:  7:59/mile

Another short run on the treadmill tonight.  Listened to some great music by Styx tonight.  Certainly brought back a lot of childhood memories.

I really don’t have a workout plan, but hope to regain some of my cardiovascular conditioning by getting about 3-4 runs in each week.  I hope to get some miles in outdoors over the upcoming weekend.


11/12/12 Training

Training Run Summary
Distance:  1.25 miles
Time:  11:57
Pace:  9:34/mile

Today’s run was an easy treadmill run to try to get back into the swing of things after taking a month off after my last marathon.  It was a slow pace and short workout, but at least it’s the first step to get back into a regular running pattern again.

10/29/2012 Update

Even though it’s only been one day over two weeks since my last marathon, it feels like it could be two years.  I have not run since the marathon.  In retrospect, I think both my body and mind needed a break after the race.

I’ve enjoyed spending the extra time with family and friends.  I appreciate the support that both have given over the past eight months.  This marathon has taught me quite a few life lessons, especially being the first race that did not improve my personal best time.  Maybe I’m just getting older or perhaps I’m just trying to make myself feel better, but this was one of those times in which the journey was much more meaningful than the destination.  I didn’t reach my goal, but I learned a lot about myself.

It would be impossible to list all of the thoughts that have crossed my mind over the last two weeks, but here’s a little taste:

What went wrong?
What went right? 

Five marathons are enough, no more.
Maybe one more.  Seriously, I could run the Kansas City marathon (six days after the Prairie Fire marathon). 

It’s time to slow down and enjoy the experience, the finish time is not important.
What’s my training schedule to prepare to reach my goal in a marathon next April? 

Maybe I should try a triathlon.
Maybe I should try a half marathon.
Maybe I should just run lots of shorter races. 

What if I never feel like running again?
I can’t imagine waiting much longer to start running again.

Mom has been on mind quite a bit lately as well.  It would be an understatement to say that the last few days have made me realize how much I miss her.  As our children grow older, I appreciate all of the sacrifices my parents made for me and my siblings.  I will be forever grateful for their patience and positive influence in all of our lives.

During this period of self-reflection, I discovered one item that I don’t even remember but seems a bit poetic at this point in my life.  As I was looking through some old items from running in high school and college, I found an English paper I wrote my high school sophomore year.  I don’t claim that its great writing or even makes much sense, but I simply loved the subject:  the benefits of marathon running and reasons why people are so attracted to marathons.

Whether you believe in destiny, a higher power, or karma, it’s moments like discovering this paper that gives one a sense that sometimes the universe works the way it’s designed.   Even when things don’t work like you think it should.  Even when you lose a loved one.  Even when you fail to reach a goal that you’ve work so hard to reach.  It’s then when you realize those loved ones and dear friends that you can always count on no matter what happens.

Reaping the Benefits of the Art of the Marathon